Dog Training Club

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Puppy Class - Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Course

Sundays (Harefield) 9.30-10.15.  Mondays (Slough) 19.00 -19.45

Correct Puppy socialisation & training is the foundation of your Dogs behaviour for the rest of its life.

The critical period for this is between eight and eighteen weeks

We want to introduce our pups to as many sights, smells & experiences as possible,whilst ensuring they remain confident & stress free.


Our Puppy classes are 45 minutes long (pups get tired easily & have short attention spans).....they include all the basic skills, which you can build upon as your Dog grows. We'll also discuss exercise, nutrition ,health & how getting training correct, right from the start, will give long term results.


The Puppy course takes an everage of 6 weeks to complete  6 weeks ...maximum age for starting this course is 18 weeks.

All puppies must have had their vaccinations.


                                           What To Bring With You


                           Soft tasty treats, towel, brush and favourite toy

                         Please do not feed puppy directly before training

                         & give them an opportunity to toilet before entering hall.