Dog Training Club

New members always welcome


Monday Classes


Monday Classes

Classes are £6.00 per session


Puppy Class is at 19.10

Puppy Foundation Class....£50 for 6 weeks. This includes membership and all your handouts, puppy book etc.

Your 6 weeks don't have to be taken consecutively, but we ask if you'll be missing classes please let us know.



Improvers Class starts at 8pm  £6.00 per session


Please click the links to find out what to expect.


We use force free reward based training methods in all our classes.

Please bring along plenty of treats & a toy with you.

Suitable treats are, small cubes of cheese or meat, liver cake, or small biscuits.

Things which can be put in pockets & held in the hand & the Dog can swallow easily, without having to chew.

Soft toys are best (no squeakies please, as they can cause a riot amongst all the Dogs)

You'll need a nice strong lead (no flexi leads as they can get tangled) & collar or harness  suitable for your Dogs size & breed.


Wear comfy clothes & sensible shoes...pockets are great for keeping treats & toys in & you can also buy treat bags to make things even easier.


Make sure you have poo bags...handlers are responsible for clearing up any accidents their Dogs may have.!!


PLEASE...if you suspect your dog is unwell, don't come to classes, illness can spread quickly.